Principals of Automotive Technology provides students with an introduction to the automotive industry. Students become acquainted with the major vehicle subsystems and components, identify their function and importance, and learn their service requirements. This general overview course covers shop safety, hazardous materials, basic physics principals, steering, chassis, suspension, brakes, internal combustion engines, electricity, drive train systems and basic diagnostics. The lab portion of this course offers hands-on experience that reinforces the theories and service procedures presented in the classroom. This course is the prerequisite to all other automotive courses. (1.2-Articulated) NOTE: The MCC Automotive program maintains a dress code for all students for reasons of safety as well as meeting industry standards for professionalism. Students are required to follow the dress code and practice all rules of safety including, but not limited to: School provided safety glasses must be worn in the lab at all times. Clean blue/black work pants or blue/black jeans with NO holes in them are permitted. Sagging pants are not allowed and pant legs must be worn on the outside of the boots. Cotton MCC automotive provided t-shirts must be worn to all automotive classes. Black or brown leather work shoes or boots of a traditional work boot/shoe style must be tightly laced and tongue-in. NO jewelry of any kind may be worn at any time. Baseball caps are permitted with the bill facing forward. Knit black or blue skull caps may be worn when lab area temperatures fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The instructor reserves the right to dismiss a student from class or lab if clothing, appearance, or actions are deemed unacceptable or unsafe! Students must possess a valid driver's license to participate in any of the automotive courses due to minimum liability standards.

Course Name: AMT-100
Departments: Automotive
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