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    • Accelerated-Intersession Classes taught in a condensed format, a full semester of coursework in less than one month.
    • All Sections Not Started All classes including those special sections listed below.
    • Distance Learning
      • Blended Sections Involves a mix of online and face-to face classroom instruction.
      • Online Sections You need access to a computer with certain specifications. Interact with the instructors via online, telephone, and/or campus visits.
      • Self-Paced Online Sections Complete the work at your own pace with specific deadlines for completion of assignments. Interact with the instructors via online, telephone, and/or campus visits. You may be required to come to campus for testing.
      • Fully Online Program Sections
    • Fast Track Sections Offers professional certificates and accelerated degree programs. These classes are offered one night per week in a cohort for the entire program. Permission from the Fast Track Office is required for all classes.
    • Harvard Location A variety of classes are held in Harvard, IL to reduce travel time and expense for Harvard residents.
    • Honors Honors classes often offer the same curriculum as regular classes but are tailored for high-achieving students – covering additional topics or some topics in greater depth.
    • Learning Communities/Twofers Integrates the material and subject matter from two courses into one for a single, exceptional classroom experience. Registration into both classes is required.